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Save 3-5x time creating documents with our AI transcription tool

Transcribe your voice on EVERY website to create content quickly and effortlessly! UseVoice is a Chrome Extension that works everywhere! Use it in Slack, Notion, LinkedIn, X, Facebook, ...


Use Cases

Unlock the full potential of voice-to-text technology with our Chrome Extension:

Efficiently create drafts for emails, reports, and presentations

Save time and effort by converting your speech to text in real-time. Create content seamlessly directly within any website.

Dictate emails and messages

Open your email client or messaging app in your browser and use the extension to dictate your emails and messages. Save time and effort by speaking instead of typing, especially when composing longer emails or responses.

Capture fleeting ideas and thoughts while browsing

Never let inspiration slip away. Capture your ideas and thoughts quickly while browsing the web, without interrupting your workflow.

Create accessible content for diverse audiences

Ensure your content reaches everyone. Generate transcripts for your videos and audio content, making it accessible to a wider audience, including those with hearing impairments.

Translate spoken phrases for multi-language communication

Bridge language gaps by transcribing and translating spoken phrases. Communicate key ideas and concepts easily across different languages.

Streamline research and information gathering

Save time and effort in your research process. Transcribe relevant audio and video content while browsing, making it easier to find and reference key information later.

Instant Transcription from Voice

Experience effortless voice transcription across any website with our Chrome Extension, designed to convert your voice into text instantly and seamlessly.

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Key Features

Unlock the full potential of voice-to-text technology with our Chrome Extension:

Instant Voice Transcription

Convert your speech to text in real-time, allowing for seamless content creation directly within any website.

High Accuracy

Experience superior transcription accuracy, minimizing the need for corrections and ensuring your ideas are captured precisely.

Multi-Language Support

Communicate and create content in multiple languages, making it the perfect tool for global teams and multilingual individuals.

Easy Integration

Effortlessly integrate with yoVur browser, enhancing your productivity without the need for complex setups or additional tools.

Customizable Settings

Tailor the extension to meet your specific needs, such as selecting different languages.

User-Friendly Design

Enjoy an intuitive interface that makes voice transcription straightforward and accessible, regardless of your tech skill level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the answers to your most pressing questions about our AI-powered transcription tool:

  • How does the AI transcription tool work on any website?

    Our AI transcription tool utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to accurately convert speech to text in real-time, directly within any website through our Chrome Extension.

  • Is the transcription tool accurate in different languages?

    Yes, our tool supports multiple languages with high transcription accuracy, thanks to its sophisticated AI model that's been trained on diverse linguistic datasets.

  • Can I customize the transcription settings?

    Absolutely! You can customize various settings, including transcription speed and language preferences, to tailor the tool to your specific needs and workflow.

  • Does the tool offer integration with other applications?

    Yes, our AI-powered transcription tool integrates seamlessly with a range of applications, enhancing your productivity by allowing you to transcribe voice notes directly into your preferred platform.

Elevate Your Productivity with AI Voice Extension

Transform your workflow with our AI Voice Extension. Dictate emails, documents, and more with unparalleled accuracy, freeing up valuable time for your most important tasks.