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Writing Code in Markdown

Writing Code in Markdown


Adding code to markdown is easy. You can use inline highlighting or code blocks.

Everything is setup for beautifully styled code blocks with syntax highlighting.

Code Blocks

Some Javascript code

var num1, num2, sum;
num1 = prompt('Enter first number');
num2 = prompt('Enter second number');
sum = parseInt(num1) + parseInt(num2); // "+" means "add"
alert('Sum = ' + sum); // "+" means combine into a string

Some Python code 🐍

def fib():
    a, b = 0, 1
    while True:            # First iteration:
        yield a            # yield 0 to start with and then
        a, b = b, a + b    # a will now be 1, and b will also be 1, (0 + 1)

for index, fibonacci_number in zip(range(10), fib()):
     print('{i:3}: {f:3}'.format(i=index, f=fibonacci_number))

Inline Highlighting

Sample of inline highlighting sum = parseInt(num1) + parseInt(num2)